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Low Power Smart City is a Start-up in phase of the constitution with the only objective of improving services to citizens and small-medium enterprises to realize BIG PROJECT.

The experience gained in the sector and the consequent realization of projects for third parties, make the staff of LPSC wishful to collaborate and develop new project experience in all areas of electronics and not.

Low Power Smart City is the most ambitious project, a dream that became reality thanks to low impact infrastructure that makes the citizen, not simpler user or passive part of the system, but a fundamental element of a much larger multimedia system and easy to manage .

Try to imagine what it might mean to have networks with high efficiency at ZERO cost, without running new cables thanks to our Power Line, with the ability to connect Intelligent cameras, multimedia services for the citizen, Dynamic Advertising, Digital Signage, Column for smart parking, but above all to manage the entire network of URBAN LIGHTING remotely, no longer patrols or  continue inefficiencies with a very important energy efficiency.

The difference between us and our competitors is the continuous innovation in this sector and the implementation of common standards that no other competitor can offer.



Low Power Smart City: start-up that evolves

More Power to your Business. More services to Citizens.

Low Power Smart City

Low Power Smart City: improves the quality of life of citizens and optimizes energy consumption, maintenance, traffic, traffic lights, automations and urban security.

We do not need anything else except the electrical grid that powers the street lights.

Power Line Link

Powerline: the key to create new links for communication.
You can be able to have an access to the IP data network at any point where it is achieved by the electrical network, without adding new wires and with performance up to that of optical fiber.

System integration

We chose to get involved, not to compete with everyone!

Our goal is to improve daily life with technology.

Are you a competitor? A possible partner? Our systems are practical and versatile!

We can win together …

Engineering and Architecture

Are you starting a new project?

You lack expert advice in order to have a higher yield and reduce the design cost?

Engineers, architects and technicians are available to optimize your experiences to design and realize.

Progetto Power Line Link

Shoot down the cost of installation to create new network infrastructure.
Our technology, designed and implemented step by step, allowing us to reach a good compromise about bit-rates, useful for small-medium-large systems.

The versatility of implementation will allow you to save considerably on infrastructure costs.

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Optic Fiber (more onerous link) 0
Copper Wiring UTP/FTP 0
LPSC Power Line Link 0

Low Power Smart City

The most ambitious project: to be able to control all the lighting and sensors arranged in the city without infrastructure impacts for communication.

This is the great trade-off of LowPowerSmartCity.

The idea of ​​making the city center and suburban a smart and comprehensive system that indicates a remote operator the problems so fast and localized.

The technology of PowerLine and hybrid communications, that we have studied over the years, allow us to efficiently and reliably reach any point and be able to see diagnostics, as well as to make remote activations.

All this will give to you a remote monitoring and a remote management, which produce more services to citizens and energy savings throughout the city or district!

The most important news? The TCP/IP protocol.

Our competitors are using systems based on proprietary protocols or obsolete. The hardware that we are proposing, properly configured, it will make the network compatible with all users which run over TCP/IP protocol, both IPv4 and IPv6 mode.

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System Integration

professionalism and experience at your service

In civil and industrial field, more often, you have to compete with problems of any nature.

The staff of Low Power Smart City (LPSC) will help you, thanks to its experience and spirit of innovation, off your projects as quickly and as cheaply as possible.

All thanks to people who over time have collected projects and certificates.

The technologies most often need to be integrated with each other in order to achieve a single result and well homogenized.

For this reason, we offer our expertise to the pre-planning and for realization of ad hoc system to have an ever greater effort, compared to lower costs and problems, which often create remissions.

Our Staff

Discover our staff: young, dynamic, helpful and with the right experience at your service

Andrea Rondini

Developer and creator of the Powerline technology applied to the Low Power Smart City project. Expert in systems integration and advanced security systems.

Danilo Franceschinis

Founder and Business Developer of all projects. He provides to work with large and small customers. Great experience in industrial field and especially the petrochemical one.

Technical Advisor
Simone Massimiani

Expert in the realization of Linux Based projects and advanced electronics for remote management of systems. Consultant qualified for the industrial electronics and petrochemical field.

Silvia Sciroli

Architect specializing in civil engineering works, Render and post production. Drafting of APE and administrative practices. Selection and evaluation of complementary skills. Construction supervision

All the technology you need

The basic idea of our start-up has never changed:
create a complete and friendly team.

Our ideas all of “Internet of Things” will lead you to have available the most advanced technologies, in terms of performance and future integration.

But it is a research in continuous evolution, that will upset you in the way of creating Network infrastructure at low cost and to make efficient citizen services: first of all the street lighting.

Create new expectations related to the optimization of advanced technologies, it makes the business combination and IT closely.

The Power Line, proposed from us, will be, in addition, the right and versatile solution for all that that needs a link.

The result is an immersive experience and a wonderful step forward in the history of the Smart City and in the design of industrial plants

Smart City Power Line Link System Integration Engineer & Architecture

What are you waiting for? Contact us to request and arrange a meeting!