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Low Power Smart City is a Start-up in phase of the constitution with the only objective of improving services to citizens and small-medium enterprises to realize BIG PROJECT.

The experience gained in the sector and the consequent realization of projects for third parties, make the staff of LPSC wishful to collaborate and develop new project experience in all areas of electronics and not.

Low Power Smart City is the most ambitious project, a dream that became reality thanks to low impact infrastructure that makes the citizen, not simpler user or passive part of the system, but a fundamental element of a much larger multimedia system and easy to manage .

Try to imagine what it might mean to have networks with high efficiency at ZERO cost, without running new cables thanks to our Power Line, with the ability to connect Intelligent cameras, multimedia services for the citizen, Dynamic Advertising, Digital Signage, Column for smart parking, but above all to manage the entire network of URBAN LIGHTING remotely, no longer patrols or  continue inefficiencies with a very important energy efficiency.

The difference between us and our competitors is the continuous innovation in this sector and the implementation of common standards that no other competitor can offer.



Consulenze Engineering and Architecture