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Low Power Smart City is a Start-up in phase of the constitution with the only objective of improving services to citizens and small-medium enterprises to realize BIG PROJECT.

The experience gained in the sector and the consequent realization of projects for third parties, make the staff of LPSC wishful to collaborate and develop new project experience in all areas of electronics and not.

Low Power Smart City is the most ambitious project, a dream that became reality thanks to low impact infrastructure that makes the citizen, not simpler user or passive part of the system, but a fundamental element of a much larger multimedia system and easy to manage .

Try to imagine what it might mean to have networks with high efficiency at ZERO cost, without running new cables thanks to our Power Line, with the ability to connect Intelligent cameras, multimedia services for the citizen, Dynamic Advertising, Digital Signage, Column for smart parking, but above all to manage the entire network of URBAN LIGHTING remotely, no longer patrols or  continue inefficiencies with a very important energy efficiency.

The difference between us and our competitors is the continuous innovation in this sector and the implementation of common standards that no other competitor can offer.



Low Power Smart City

Our idea of FUTURE, to improve your PRESENT

Today more than ever, we are aware of bad management of everything related to the common goods and services.

For years, our staff is focused on solving problems that frequently are part of everyday life.

Low Power Smart City (LPSC) is an innovative idea because it maximizes energy efficiency and solves what are the deficiencies due to poor maintenance, which create disruptions to end users.

What can you do with LPSC?

LPSC is a project that creates CONNECTIONS

Internet of Things!

LPSC manages to arriving to link any item that we want to associate the controls and/or automatisms systems can also be managed remotely.

All is realized in a quick, cheap, fast way and without the writing of new cables or wireless networks creations.



Enter the Smart Module Interface

in series inside the Lamp

Connect a Gateway Bridge

Associate the Server Cloud that

it receives and manages

information and commands

to the nodes

Manage remotely by End User Client

with Workstation, Tablet or Smartphone



The great opportunity of this project is that it can ensure the management of street lighting remotely.

You can manage:

On/Off of single lamp


Diagnostic Utility

Diagnostic single luminaire

Burglar copper power cables

Control of the individual lamp life

Warnings for early replacement of lighting fixtures

Remote Automation

Mapping on Google Earth (or similar)  all the street lights installed

Traffic Digital

Advertising ledWall

Parking columns

Inside LowPowerSmartCity box?

Smart Module Interface (SMI)

This is the most important element, designed specifically for this system. It ‘s the part of local intelligence. It will allow you to have an accurate management of the network, sending and receiving information from streetlights to the Server Cloud. On board is present a customized operating system and optimized in all its parts to be stable, efficient and reliable in case of possible communication problems.

PoE Block (Feature)

It is the most wanted item for who must perform mainly infrastructure of video surveillance or hot-spot areas with the problem of tight budgets.

The usefulness of having a section dedicated to Power Over Ethernet will allow you to be able to attest to any camera, compatible with this standard, without additional elements such as power supplies, Energy, Switch, Midspan, etc.

Install the hardware on the pole, or wherever you want, wire a short CAT cable up to our box and connect it to the inside.

Power Line Module

It allows you to communicate with TCP / IP standard protocol with the Bridge node.

This element is the vector useful to veicolizzate the information to be sent over the network.

In this parte you can find all filters for the electricity network, in order to optimize the communication through the power line standards.

This element can be replaced with all the technologies available on the market and compatible with the TCP / IP standard.
Its versatility is the standard protocol, which will allow you to be compatible with all other communications protocols such as Modbus, RS-232, RS-485, etc …

I/O Controller

There is a part of this system where the external reality becomes an integral part and can be managed remotely. The I/O part allows us to physically interface with everything that is externally and analogically manageable.

It’s an highly customizable part, so in addition to standard tasks, can be used as a concentrator alarms and remote controls from external systems.


Energy saving

Energy Efficiency with LPSC means increasing end-user services. With this system it will be able to entirely manage remote public lighting point to point.



The implementation of LPSC has a most important effect in terms of maintenance. You will know a fault and automatically provide to reduce the time of a malfunction or be informed of the hours of the life of each bulb.


Hardware Costs

Against the possible competitors, leaving out anything that comes from the technology presented in terms of performance, we have a lower hardware cost but with the versatility that no one else can give you.


Customization and Versatility

Try to believe in us. No other product in the market allows you to offer a link for other external devices such as HotSpot, CCTV, sensors, etc.

Technology is no longer a luxury, it is a reality! What are you waiting for?