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Low Power Smart City is a Start-up in phase of the constitution with the only objective of improving services to citizens and small-medium enterprises to realize BIG PROJECT.

The experience gained in the sector and the consequent realization of projects for third parties, make the staff of LPSC wishful to collaborate and develop new project experience in all areas of electronics and not.

Low Power Smart City is the most ambitious project, a dream that became reality thanks to low impact infrastructure that makes the citizen, not simpler user or passive part of the system, but a fundamental element of a much larger multimedia system and easy to manage .

Try to imagine what it might mean to have networks with high efficiency at ZERO cost, without running new cables thanks to our Power Line, with the ability to connect Intelligent cameras, multimedia services for the citizen, Dynamic Advertising, Digital Signage, Column for smart parking, but above all to manage the entire network of URBAN LIGHTING remotely, no longer patrols or  continue inefficiencies with a very important energy efficiency.

The difference between us and our competitors is the continuous innovation in this sector and the implementation of common standards that no other competitor can offer.



Power Line Link

Do you think you’ve seen everything to optimize designs where you need a LAN in hostile conditions or when you need a maximum savings?

Although, we will not just hand on fire!
The staff of Low Power Smart City, for many years, carefully studied the electronics optimization to create local networks at lower cost and with higher absolute performance, compared to the actors competitors.
Armed with a vast experience in the ICT industry, thanks all’effort of specialists, researchers and partner companies, we were able to find the right trade-offs that allow you to perform any network infrastructure with technology Power Line, without running additional wires, if not the power supply.


Changing way to connect, without changing anything!

The Power Line communication is a technology for the transmission of voice or data that uses the electric power network as a transmission channel.
It is created by overlapping the transport of electrical current, AC or DC at low frequency with a higher frequency signal that is suitably modulated.
This communication method was introduced a few decades ago, before the introduction of cellular telephony, for transmissions with moving trains, to control electrical and electronic equipment, to read electric meters remotely, for household intercom systems etc.

What can i do with Power Line Link?

Our Powerline Link is truly versatile: simplify what you want to achieve!

You can create a network in a easy way with this advanced tool. It ‘s all in your hands, ready to be used.

Let’s see a possible chain operation:


The first node of the network to which you can access from the outside. In this point will be installed appropriate filters for electrical network downstream. This helps us to improve the power grid and to push to the maximum achievable performance!

Power Line Modem

Powerline modem optimized for networks and cabling up to long distances. From this point on, every place where you will have the power grid will be an entry point to your new LAN.


You can have a customized automation anywhere on the net! Our developers will recreate an environment HMI dynamic and customized to your needs, no more cables!

Access Point

You could connect to the network a Hot Spot. Where you want, you can share your Wi-Fi connection to users in those remote areas.

Video surveillance

Security in one click! Having the possibility of a versatile and extensive network, it will be easy to connect our specific PLC modem with PoE output, for connecting IP cameras without any further accessories!

How do you install?

The installation of these apparatuses is the winning point of the project

Engineers and technicians, who have carried out this project, are people who come from private companies where the “TIME” is the biggest cost.

An old proverb says that time is money, it is probably right.

A worker, or technician, whose time has substantial costs must be optimized to obtain a higher yield for both the workforce and for the same contractor he works for.

Our devices are born from this need.

Install a modem is very easy. You can add in any point of the electrical network. Each device will in fact be added to type containers IP67 (or IP68 if required) and sealed inside a special GEL insulating to humidity, but with useful features to the heat loss of the circuits included in it.

The technician will, therefore, only positioning and joining these particular boxes at strategic points (agreed with our designer team) and connect the hardware or automation.

Why choose Powerline Link

Let us compare the various technologies on the market, to better understand the reasons that invite you to choose this technology rather than the others.

Comparing Technologies
  •    Costs
  •    BitRate
  •    Reliability
  •    Maximum Distances
  •    Electromagnetic Emissions


Optic fibermultimodal
  • High
  • 1Gb/s (up to 1 Km)
  • 2 Km


  • High
  • 100Mb/s (up to 90m)
  • 100m


Wi-Fi Hyperlan
  • Medium-Low
  • 54Mb/s
  • 500m


RS-485serial communication
  • High-Medium
  • 100kb/s (up to 1Km)
  • 1,2 Km


Power Line Link
  • Low
  • 1Gb/s
  • Unlimited


Our goal is to create reliable networks for Power Line and used in hostile environments and under stress.

A team of technicians and engineers is available to test the feasibility of such systems.

The savings are essential:

  • No new cables laying Copper UTP / FTP or Fiber

  • No addition of media converters

  • Cost small Hardware

  • Actual reached speeds over 500Mbps (in ideal cases even 1000 Mbps)

  • Abatement costs of installation

  • Possibility of equipment rental for the duration of the service

  • TCP / IP already implemented

  • Interfacing with hybrid networks

All this to make sure your projects and interesting to the customer.

Very often, in fact, it is participating in invitations to tender, public and / or private, trying to cut the costs of infrastructure possible.

This solution will be really interest you.

The idea of being able to cut down the costs, of putting new cables and their pipes, may, in some cases, be able to reduce costs by up to 70% on the total.

Try this our technology! You’ll be amazed.